Evangelicals Say It’s Time to Talk About Sex

Evangelical Christians are taking a hard look at premarital sex. A video from the National Association of Evangelicals states  80% of young evangelicals practice premarital sex, and 1/3 of unplanned pregnancies end in abortion. Some Christians believe abstinence and anti-abortion campaigns are not enough. At this month’s Q conference in Washington, 64% of participants said yes when asked if churches should support contraception among singles in their 20s. It may no longer be realistic to expect abstinence. It’s challenging for churches to support those who have premarital sex while idealizing chastity. Not everyone is ready to accept contraception. Some believe if contraception gains acceptance, it will weaken the message of abstinence.   

Read full article here: With High Premarital Sex And Abortions Rates, Evangelicals Say It’s Time To Talk About Sex

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