What Others Say

“I have known and worked with Brian for over 15 years. We attended the same doctoral program years ago and also worked in the same predoctoral internship program. I know Brian to be an extremely skilled and compassionate therapist. He has always been held in high regard from his colleagues.

I am typically very cautious about who I make referrals to. However, over the years, I have referred many couples and individuals to Brian and we have also frequently collaborated together. The outcomes have been very positive and I have been consistently impressed by his clinical work. I look forward to continuing to work with Brian in the future and I strongly recommend him as a very effective couples and individual therapist.”

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Liz Bias, PsyD
Clinical Psychologist
San Ramon, CA

“When referring out my patients for couples (or individual) counseling, my biggest concern is that the therapist is effective and competent. This not only means that they are clinically competent, but also that they attend to the most pressing concern (if already apparent) or that the most troubling issue (if not uncovered in my medication interviews) be discovered by them and addressed effectively.

Brian has consistently been very responsive to the couples (and individuals) I have sent to him. I have frequently been told by them that he is kind, thoughtful, and thinks more broadly about their problems than other therapists have done so in the past. Brian also alerts me when he has concerns about a patient (or a member of a couple) he and I are both treating, in order to see that the patient gets the best and most coordinated care.

The bottom line is I trust Brian’s work: the couples make noticeable progress, and individual patients get better (neither of which is at all sure thing in therapy). Additionally, I receive very positive feedback that I have made a good referral when sending couples and patients to Brian, so it reflects well upon me in the patient’s eyes.

Referring to Brian has worked very well for me since we seem to have many similarities in what we see as being more important or less important. This allows us to put our energies together in a more synergistic way perhaps as compared to if we really saw things differently and pushed the patient in different directions.

I strongly recommend Brian as a couples and individual therapist – I have frequently done so myself. He has a soothing manner, is very empathic and is extremely bright. This describes what I would look to find optimally in a therapist of any sort (couple or individual). He continues to have a growing track record for me which speaks very strongly his favor.”


Michael Kron, MD
Kaiser Permanente, Oakland

“My decision to refer couples to Brian has been an easy one. Although I have always known him to be thoughtful and clinically wise, at first I hadn’t yet had any first hand knowledge of Brian’s work with couples.

My sense that Brian would be extremely effective working with couples was repeatedly confirmed shortly after I began referring to him. Sometimes my individual clients request a couples counselor while continuing to see me individually. This provides me with a unique situation where I can get direct feedback on their experience with the (couples) therapist.

I can think of one couple, where I continued to see the female partner (in her 60’s) of this biracial heterosexual couple after referring them to Brian. Her partner’s issues with trust and ability to be forthright about feelings were major issues for her. From my discussions with her, I felt that she and her partner were in good hands with Brian. I shared that opinion with her. She has reported to me that the sessions with Brian have been very helpful.

Frequently when I make referrals to colleagues, I never know how well it works out. I feel very comfortable referring to Brian. I have not only referred several couples to him (and will continue to do so), but have also referred individual clients to him as well.”


George Lamb, LCSW
Kaiser Permanente
Oakland, California

“Before Brian was hired, it was really important to me that the new hire would not only be clinically competent, but also be a collaborative coworker.

Brian was from the beginning very collaborative and collegial, and it was immediately clear that he was a very sharp and competent psychologist. He also brought many ideas and innovations to the clinical function and procedures that he and I developed together. He proved to be interpersonally warm and amicable too.

I always had a strong sense that Brian was reliable and resourceful, and I greatly enjoyed at the personal level having him as a close, everyday coworker.

Some of the people who have done this job along with me since Brian left have had notably lower levels of professionalism and collaborativeness, and have lacked Brian’s degree of dedication to doing a thorough, high-quality job.

Having directly observed his high clinical skills, patience, intelligence, responsibility, and dedication to his craft, I highly recommend Brian as a clinician, and have in fact unhesitatingly referred a number of people to him since he left the clinic.”

Gene Riddle, PhD
Clinical Psychologist
Kaiser Permanente, Oakland