Recovering the Love

When Kacey got up Jay was already gone. She knew he’d be back after she went to sleep. She hardly ever saw him anymore. He was off with the guys, or out at a bar. She wasn’t sure, but she thought sometimes he was with other women. When he was home he had a beer in his hand and the TV on. They never talked any more. They never laughed. She took care of the kids, and did the shopping and paid the bills, but the only intimacy in marriage she experienced was washing out his boxers and matching his socks. She’d heard about rebuilding relationships, but as far as she could tell there wasn’t any marriage to rebuild.

She cried a lot. Sometimes she let herself remember what it was like when she and Jay were just starting. Back then anything seemed possible, and the two of them seemed to move in a cloud of love…intimacy in marriage wasn’t a problem then, it was just how things were.

One day she knew she had to do something. She went to the computer and began to Google for counseling in her town.

Many people think there’s no point putting in the effort it takes rebuilding relationships. Some think counseling does no good, others believe that once a relationship goes sour there’s no coming back whatever you do. Kacey didn’t intend to just leave it like that, though. She was no quitter.

Can counseling really help me rebuild relationships and recover intimacy in marriage?

Yes. Not everyone, and not in all cases, but thousands of couples have been helped by couples counseling.

What about if I have to go alone?

Many people have no choice but to begin couples counseling alone. Often spouses only choose to join only when they begin to see differences in their partners. A counselor can assist you in your situation, and can prepare you for the changes to come. There are multiple paths that can lead to rebuilding relationships.

Kacey went for a long time alone to her counseling…but it did make a difference. Her counselor helped her see the ways she was contributing to damaging her marriage, and the ways she could help rebuilding relationships. Better still, he helped her see she had choices and control, too. She began to change how she was living her life, and soon Jay wanted to know and be part of the process, too. It wasn’t quick and it wasn’t easy, but eventually they found new intimacy in marriage and found a new joy in each other.

Can you be as strong and as assertive as Kacey? Can you bring yourself to take the risk and find help? It can change your life, and rebuild your relationships. Make a phone call and start the long path to renewed life and renewed intimacy in marriage. It’s worth all the courage you have.


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