Ten Ways To Save Your Marriage

About.com has put together some great ideas for maintaining a strong healthy relationship. If you’re looking to put some vitality back in yours, take a look at their ten ways to save your marriage. 1. Get better at sex. 2. Make time for fun. 3. Make money. 4. Don’t cheat. 5. Quit bad mouthing your in-laws. 6. Give each other space. 7. Avoid below-the-belt hits. 8. Find middle ground. 9. Forgive but don’t forget. 10. Woo each other. Some of these ideas are obvious. Some of them you may not have considered. Either way, About.com does a thorough job of covering the subject and, as usual, the article is clickable and linked.

Read the rest of the article here: Ten Ways To Save Your Marriage

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